one day i will do a big run

                              I never ever in my life felt I would have been fit enough or capable of doing a big multi day event, at the time of writing this I still don't know if I will be capable of it? I like to dream big, I seen this event whilst at the fort William outdoor film festival, the event organiser Shane Ohley showed a film and gave a talk about all his events but he was mostly focusing on this one, it was November two thousand and sixteen (three years ago as i type this) when I first viewed the film I thought awesome event, even though I had ran the glen coe marathon two years previous to that I felt it was beyond my abilities (sometimes still do)

           T the time i first heard of the event It was a biannual event, I seen the film and listened intently to the chat, it enthralled me I kept my eye on it for the 2018 entries, at that time I was still running but no focus and felt completely incapable unprepared/unable to do an event like this! that was until my mate Sneds entered the marathon des sables, we originally signed up to do that together way back in 2014, at that time he pulled out and I didn't want to do it alone, I thought well if my old training partner can do what is billed as the worlds toughest race i can at least give cape wrath a go! I can do this, we entered the Falkirk eight hour ultra together in 2019 which i enjoyed, It gave me a sample of what like it was to run further than marathon distance and check some equipment and pace, this race was perfect timing for Sneds MDS training, he done extremely well in both and this inspired me, this was January, I could clearly see the entry date was approaching for the cape wrath ultra (CWRU) it was fast approaching a decision had to be made! after much will I or wont I thinking? events happened with my working life, things just seemed to be pushing me to do this! I decided to go for it as my ultimate last big event before taking on life`s new big adventures, more on that much later for now, I paid my deposit as soon as entries opened and I was in for 2020 ! A huge undertaking for me ! see below

May 2020

The race dates will be Sunday 24th May to Sunday 31st May 2020 but participants will need to be in Fort William on Saturday 23rd and will not be returning until Monday 1st June. The schedule will break down like this:

  • Saturday 23rd May  Registration, Kit Check, Advice Desk and Briefing 
    • 1400-1700 Registration and Advice Desks
    • 1800 Participant Briefing
    • 1900 Buffet meal (participants and event team only]
  • Sunday 24th May – Day 1: Fort William to Glenfinnan
    • 0900 Depart Fort William by boat
    • 1000 Mass start
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Monday 25th May – Day 2: Glenfinnan to Kinloch Hourn
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Tuesday 26th May – Day 3: Kinloch Hourn to Achnashellach
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Wednesday 27th May – Day 4: Achnashellach to Kinlochewe
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Thursday 28th May – Day 5: Kinlochewe to Inverbroom
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Friday 29th May – Day 6: Inverbroom to Inchnadamph
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Saturday 30th May – Day 7: Inchnadamph to Kinlochbervie
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 2300 Course Closure Time
  • Sunday 31st May – Day 8: Kinlochbervie to Cape Wrath
    • 0700-0900 Starts
    • 1500 Course Closure Time
    • 1500-1700 All participants are driven and ferried to Keodale slipway
    • 1700-1900 Regroup
    • 1900 Group photo above Sango Bay
    • 2000 Buffet Dinner and Medal/Trophy Presentation Ceremony at Durness Community Hall.
  • Monday 1st June – Return Transport to Fort William
    • 0900 Bus departs
    • 1130 Approx arrival at Inverness Bus/Rail Station and short break
    • 1400 Approx arrival at Fort William

Total Distance and Height Gain

Approximate Total Distance
Approximate Total Height Gain
400km (248 miles)
11,200m (36,745 feet)

Average Daily Distance
Average Daily Height Gain
50km (31 miles)
1,400m (4,593 feet)

Average Trail Type
Trackless (XT)
Single Track (ST)
Double Track (DT)
Road Tarmac (RT)


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